Strategic Planning
Assist Consulting Group guides organizations through a thorough and effective strategic planning process to set priorities, focus energy and resources, and strengthen operations to ensure that employees and stakeholders are working toward common goals. The Group works with board of directors and senior management by facilitating the strategic planning process to develop an effective and useful tool. The strategic plan will articulate specific long and short-term goals to succeed in competitive environments. Assist Consulting Group will also ASSIST the organization in developing action steps necessary to achieve goals and other critical elements addressed in the planning exercise.
Operational Site Visit Preparedness
Financial and Organizational Assessments and Assistance
Assist Consulting Group has the expertise to conduct a variety of assessments and assistance to enhance non-profits and health care organizations: Business Operations, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Information Management, Organizational Governance, Patient Care Systems, Quality Care, and Risk Management. Assessments are tailored to achieve excellence in preparation for federal site visits (Operational Site Visits) and accreditation surveys. Encourages BEST PRACTICES. 
Governance: Board Training and Development
Effective and appropriate governance is critical in the success of nonprofit organizations. Assist Consulting Group provides a focused, energetic and results-driven board training and development opportunity. An engaged session will focus on roles and responsibilities of the governing body in adherence with program expectations. Assist Consulting Group has the aptitude to facilitate difficult situations; including but not limited to, strained board and leadership relationships, inappropriate board or senior leadership behavior and renegade board members. 

Board training and development for new board members or start-up organizations can be obtained as needed or through a longer term engagement. Assist Consulting Group will provide training content and collaborate with leadership on organizational specific materials.

Organizations may desire to engage in other Assist Consulting Group service offerings to accomplish a broader goal. Strategic Planning, Community Needs Assessment, and Organization Readiness Assessment and Training will augment a Board Training and Development engagement offering comprehensive detail to aid in organizational success.
Technical Writing, Reviews and Training – Grants, specializing in Federal applications including grants.gov and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Electronic Handbook applications
In today’s environment, grant writing and competition is intense. Grant dollars are becoming scarce while competition is increasing. Our innovative team will ASSIST your organization in developing a competitive grant application and/or proposal tailored specifically for unique organizational needs. Assist Consulting Group has an exceptional track record of submitting successful grant applications for local, state and federal funding sources. 

Our broad service menu consists of grant research, program design, management, evaluation, technical assistance, audit preparation, strategic planning, coaching, and training. Assist Consulting Group specializes in federal applications; including grants.gov and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Electronic Handbook applications. The Group also engage in other technical writing; such as, Request for Proposal (RFP), Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), press releases, letters, and brochures. In addition, we offer extensive training to empower organizations in preparing competitive applications internally as well as provide technical reviews of client-prepared work.

Assist Consulting Group will customize a service plan to accommodate specific organizational needs.
Comprehensive Community Needs Assessments
The landscape of any service area is constantly changing, increasing the importance for organizations to assess and stay abreast with its’ mission and business strategies. Assist Consulting Group utilizes several techniques in developing a Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment. Our systematic approach uses qualitative and quantitative data to extract meaningful data for practical use. Together with the client, Assist Consulting Group will determine an appropriate approach. 
Interim C-Suite Leadership – CEO, CFO, COO
It is not uncommon for organizations to experience unexpected vacancies in essential leadership positions – CEO, CFO, and COO. Assist Consulting Group has seasoned professionals ready to ASSIST when these unforeseen situations arise. The Group works with organizations to assure continuation of operations and ASSISTS in recruiting and training of permanent placements. 
Marketing Plans, including Social Media
Non-profit organizations are not routinely accustomed to focusing on marketing activities. Although non-profits talk about Marketing Plans, in reality budgets are typically not substantial enough to execute a robust effort. Assist Consulting Group creates organization specific Marketing Plans that will be successful, even on a limited budget. Marketing Plans will include a variety of modern social media platforms customized to reach target populations. 

Assist Consulting Group establishes and manages organizational marketing activities and also provides training to execute marketing applications internally.
"In our Leadership Team meeting last night, we all agreed that Dawn is an example of what we each need to strive to become as leaders on our leadership team. She demonstrates her knowledge and expertise all while shining with her BIG smile and kindness. Her attentiveness as well as overall style reduced the stress level and made everyone at ease during what is typically a high stress process."
Chief Executive Officer
Health Center Leadership Coaching
Empowering big thinking, high achievers to get out of their own way
and start creating massive results personally and professionally.
Personalized coaching to ignite individuals and teams.
"Dawn has provided innovative services for our organization. Her work is superb and aligned with our overall goals and objectives for growth. Her work as allowed me to focus on things that I need to as a CEO."
Chief Executive Officer
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